Copa-Cogeca says Commission action in EU diary sector step in right direction but does not go far enough

Reacting to the EU Commission move to introduce measures to alleviate pressure on the EU dairy sector as a result of the Russian ban on farm exports, Copa-Cogeca said it is a step in the right direction but further measures are crucial.

Under the move, the Commission said that it will open Private Storage Aid for butter, Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) and certain cheeses in order to alleviate the impact of Russian restrictions on imports of EU dairy products and to limit the negative effects on the internal market. The Commission has also confirmed that the period for public intervention of butter & SMP will be extended until the end of the year.
Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen said “We welcome the Commissions swift action to help deal with the impact of the ban on the dairy sector. It’s important to stabilize markets. But the move does not go far enough. Milk prices in some cases are going down by as much as 30%. Further action is crucial. We also need to work hard to find new market outlets for our produce and speed up promotion campaigns to stimulate new demand”.

He continued “In addition, the EU pigmeat sector has being suffering for months by the ban and action must be taken to improve the situation”.

Wrapping up, Copa-Cogeca called for the EU’s support to balance the market and to directly help farmers and agri-cooperatives in specific sectors and regions, which are most affected by the import ban.

Copa-Cogeca Press release

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