Lithuanian Farmers’ Union is an independent , voluntary non-governmental organization, uniting Lithuanian farmers and persons related to and interested in agricultural activity, formed to represent and defend the interests of its members in various Lithuanian and international institutions.

Membership in LFU – a possibility to:

  • develop
  • influence present and forthcoming changes
  • be involved in the process of agricultural policy formation
  • express one’s own opinion and initiative
  • raise problems and seek for their solutions together
  • receive updated and relevant important information
  • cooperate, exchange the experience and good practice
  • participate in LFU organized events.

LFU goals and trends of main activities:

  • Internal policy – to represent the interests of LFU members in Lithuanian parliament, Government, ministries, Chamber of Agriculture and other organizations; to influence the process of policy formation;
  • External policy – active participation and representation of LFU members’ interests in EU Agricultural organizations, other EU institutions, Council of Baltic States Agricultural organizations;
  • Education – to increase farmers’ knowledge and develop their skills through the organization of know-how seminars, educational training, study tours;
  • Events that strengthen the organization and relations between LFU members.
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